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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Russian Matryoshka Dolls

This is a great sub lesson as it uses very simple materials yet keeps the students engaged. I found a template online HERE for matryoshka dolls. I enlarged it onto 11x17" paper. I did this lesson with a mixed grade class from 4 - 6. I showed them a slideshow of different types of matryoshka dolls and we discussed the characteristics and the history of them. 

Students started by sketching out the faces, then cut them out and glued them onto the body so they'd know where to draw the rest of the shawl, etc.

They outlined the details in ultra-fine Sharpie, then coloured them using coloured 
pencils and/or markers.

Once glued onto the body they designed the rest of the clothing.

Then they were cut out. 

Because these were on thin photocopy paper (you could copy onto cardstock which I'll do in the future) I laminated them all. This lesson definitely took some time to finish due to all the beautiful detail and colouring involved. I loved how they turned out!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hot Chocolate: Pattern & Colour

This oil pastel lesson was inspired by a photo (see below) that's been floating around Pinterest for a while. It's by an Etsy artist named Heather Galler, who works in a Folk Art style.

I modified a lesson found HERE on Cassie Stephens amazing art blog. 

My Grade 5 students started off by sketching out a hot chocolate mug in the center of a square of black construction paper. They added a table line then added patterns in the background and on the table. Then they outlined all their pencil lines using a black wax crayon. 
Then they coloured the drawings in using oil pastels.

Once coloured in completely, they went over their original black lines with a black oil pastel 
to really make the image pop. Some took a cotton ball or two and fluffed them out and glued them on their hot chocolate for 'steam'.
This lesson took about 3 - 40 minute periods for my students to complete.
I can post these hot beverage artworks now because it's still cold and snowy and
wintry where we live! (-17C today! brrrrrr!)

Friday, March 3, 2017

Raccoon in the Forest

This is a really adorable raccoon project that I knew would be perfect for my Grade 3's. 
I found the lesson HERE on the ARTventurous blog.   

I laid out two different shades of brown construction paper (9 x 12") as well as grey and let kids choose one for their raccoon drawing. 90% went with the light brown for some reason ;)

I also laid out black and white wax crayons- next time I'll use oil pastels as they just end up brighter and bolder with less effort. I also laid out green construction paper for the background.

I demonstrated how to draw the raccoon and then let my kids go to town. They drew on their brown construction paper in pencil first.

Then they passed over all their lines in black wax crayon.

Then they coloured in their raccoon markings using black and white wax crayons.

Once coloured, they bubble cut them out. This all took about 40 minutes.

The next class the kids glued their raccoons onto green construction paper....

and then added some fir trees using wax crayons.


Friday, February 24, 2017

Imaginary Creature Paintings

This lesson was inspired by the children's book "The Zlooksh" by French-Canadian author Dominique Demers. In the early 2000's, this book was distributed free to 500,00 Grade 1 students across Canada by a National bank. Many of my older students remembered reading this book as a child (God, makes me feel old!)

The Zlooksh is a charming story about a young boy named Zachary who, when asked by his teacher to draw a picture of his favourite animal, uses his imagination to create an animal that can't be found anywhere.(source)

After reading the book to my Grade 2 students, they were challenged to draw their own imaginary animal and come up with a name for it. They drew it on 12 x 18" white paper, then outlined everything in Sharpie.

Once outlined, they painted it using handy-dandy tempera pucks.
It was really fun watching what they came up with!
Once dry, they 'bubble cut' around it and also cut out the name and glued it 
somewhere on their creature.

Here are some of their imaginary creatures :)

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